NVDA Sonar

NVDA Sonar provides support for Cakewalk Sonar in the NVDA screen reader. I've been working on this for a while now in my limited spare time. Unfortunately, this means I've focused mostly on my own needs and haven't had much time for polish, nor do I have much time to help users. That said, it does allow you to access most of the important views and functions in Sonar itself and I use it for all of my own projects.

License and Copyright

NVDA Sonar is copyright 2009-2013 James Teh & Victor Tsaran. It is covered by the GNU General Public License version 2.0.


NVDA Sonar requires NVDA 2013.1beta2 or later. It should work with both Sonar Producer and Sonar Studio, though I've only tested it with Sonar Producer. Version 8.5.3 is recommended. Earlier versions may work to some extent, though this hasn't been tested. Later versions have serious accessibility problems.


Download NVDA Sonar version 0.1

This download is an NVDA add-on package. If NVDA is installed on your system, you can just open the file. Otherwise, use the NVDA Add-ons Manager.

If this is the first time you have installed this add-on, do the following:

  1. Open Sonar.
  2. Open the Options menu and select Controllers/Surfaces.
  3. Press the button labelled "a".
  4. Select JSonar Control Surface.
  5. Press OK, then Close.


In addition to Sonar's own commands and keyboard shortcuts, NVDA Sonar provides some commands to make working in Sonar easier.

Track and Bus Panes
  • Move to track inspector: tab
  • Activate context menu for current strip: control+applications
  • Toggle mute for current strip: control+.
  • Toggle solo for current strip: control+/
  • Strip name (press once to report, twice to move to the field): control+shift+n
  • Move to FX bin: control+shift+f
Track Pane
  • Toggle arm for current track: control+;
  • Toggle input echo for current track: control+'
Most Views
  • Toggle scrubbing: control+b
  • Move backward (useful while scrubbing): control+j
  • Move forward (useful while scrubbing): control+k
  • Toggle arm for all tracks: alt+shift+;
Sfz Plugin
  • Load sample: alt+shift+l
Dimension Pro Plugin
  • Program Browser: alt+shift+b
Rapture32LE Plugin
  • Program Browser: alt+shift+b
SessionDrummer Plugin
  • Program Browser: alt+shift+b

User Discussion

There is a mailing list for NVDA Sonar users. You can subscribe by joining the NVDA Sonar users team on Launchpad. You will need to create an account on Launchpad to do this.


This project uses Launchpad for version control and issue tracking. Please file bug reports and feature requests using the bug tracker. Start at the Launchpad project page to access the source code, etc.


  1. hello sir
    great to have this addon
    thank you for working on that
    please can you give me a link to download cakewalk Producer853Patch.exe
    indeed i can't find it
    many thanks

    1. مرحبا مستر منهراوي: انا بدور على حضرتك من فترة طويلة, ي ريت التواصل فون 01061548583

  2. please JSonar for jaws 2019, my e-mail is: jesgu1201@gmail.com. thanks.